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Jeff Mikowski and the entire team at Van Syckle Kia congratulate Edward of Brewer for his choice of the redesigned 16 Kia Sorento!! this SUV is #1 in it's segment, per J.D. Power! You better believe that Kia is on top of the playing field, and the smile on Edward's face says it all! Give him a shout out when you see him around town! Call us or stop by 729 Hogan Road!

Wow!! All the attention that the Kia Sorento is getting from 3rd party sources is making keeping them in stock a job all by itself!! Jeff Mikowski was given a great opportunity to help Jo of Hampden in her search for a great car and great value, and we thank you for allowing Jeff to help out!

Sometimes, you just have to agree that the only way to make something better, is to make it twice!! As is the case of Russ & Lynn of Pittsfield and their TWO brand new Kia Souls!! Kris Snyder seems to lead our team in helping our customers realize the value of two cars and the great warranty they provide!! If you see Lynn or Russ around in their new ride...give them a congratulations! Let us show you how it 947.4559 ext 131 and tell them you saw Russ or Lynn in their new Kia!!

A huge Van Syckle Kia thank you to Karl & Barb for choosing John Costello and our store to take home the #1 in segment (J.D. Power) and the #1 searched small car ( 2014). There is a lot to be said about having a great Soul! Give us a call at 947.4559 ext 131 or stop in today!!

Chris Aquilina is truly pleased to have been able to assist Darrell & Sheila with taking home this brand new 2016 (yes, 16) Kia Sportage EX! Talk about determination? They have had a Sportage in their sights with us since 2011, and now it's the real deal! This means a lot to us here at the store! Thank you both."

How cool is this car??? Well, the 2015 Kia Optima SX is the choice for Beth of Hampden! We are simply thrilled that Chris Aquilina and our team were able to play a part in you making this happen for yourself!! When you see Beth....ask her how much she loves this car!"

We can make any new car "Uniquely YOU!...." as is evidenced by the "Patriots Edition" 2015 Kia Soul recently acquired by Debra & Mark of Hampden! Kris Snyder, Mike Kearns and the entire team here give thanks to you for being such great customers. We are certain that your new Kia will provide you the best ownership experience you've ever had! (the whoopie pies helped, too!!!!) Reach out to us at 947.4559 ext 131 and lets talk about what makes it "easier than you think..."

Chris Aquilina is showing his commitment to his customers with ANOTHER new Kia in town down in Princeton!! Be sure to talk with Dolores, congratulate her....ask her about the GREAT MPG she is getting with this 2015 Hybrid Optima! Best new car warranty in the business!! Call 947.4559 ext 131 for more chances to save!

Jeremy Everett and the entire Sales Team wants to thank Jennifer & Jeff of Blue Hill, for their careful and thoughtful consideration. We are certain that this 2016 Kia Sorento will provide you with years of great service!! You will LOVE the Dynamax AWD system!! For the rest of you? Stop by and ask for Jeremy Everett? Or, call Don at 947.4559 ext 131 to start the process!! "It's easier than you think!!"

Many thanks to Bambi of Sangerville for choosing Van Syckle Kia and allowing Jeremy Everett the opportunity to assist in her vehicle purchase! We continue to grow our business, and know without a doubt that our customers are the driving force. Stop by 729 Hogan Road today, to see why "it's easier than you think!"

Van Syckle Kia welcomes Keith Fennelly to our store, and appreciates that he knows how to work hard for his customer! The whole team wants to express appreciation to Michele and Rick of Brewer for making us their choice. The 2016 Sorento is an outstanding vehicle!. Congratulate them both when you see them! Call 947.4559 ext 131 for more options!!

Mike Kearns & John Costello extend their hand in thanks to Judy and Mike of Old Town, for choosing our store when buying this 2015 Kia Forte Koup! We are certain that this sporty 2 door will provide you many, many years of service!! Call 947.4559 ext 131 or stop by 729 Hogan Road, to see why we are the #1 Kia Dealer in Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont!!

A huge Van Syckle Kia THANK YOU goes out to Barbara Cookson from Curtis Bealieu and the whole team, for her acquisition of this 'Soular Yellow' Kia Soul! We are pleased to represent the car that named the "most searched small car" for 2014! Isn't it time for YOU to get a little Soul??? Call us at 947.4559 ext 131 for a ride!

Wow!! Did you know you can buy a car from us, and have it all ready for you before you ever set foot here???? Just ask "Nikki B.B." of Eddington how easy THIS purchase was? Don Greenwood & Chris Aquilina want to extend their appreciation for your choice of Van Syckle Kia. If you want to see the ease of it, call 947.4559 ext 131

Rena, Chris Aquilina appreciates your persistence in working with him and allowing him to show you what a great buying experience we offer! Thank you so much from the entire Van Syckle Team! Stop by our store at 729 Hogan Road

A huge thank you to Jennifer of Milo in allowing Keith Fennelly to show her that "it's easier than you think," to get in to the right car at the right price! All of us here at 729 Hogan Road take pride in every customer! Be sure to give a shout out to Jennifer when you see her in her new car! Call us at 947.4559 ext 131 to start looking for YOUR next car!

Jared Hockman wants to thank Lorraine Lockhart of Winterport for choosing Van Syckle Kia while purchasing her new Kia Optima!! We know that this car will serve you well for years to come, and the entire Van Syckle Kia team offers their congratulations!! For more great opportunities, call 947.4559 ext 131, or stop by 729 Hogan Road!!

Jeff Mikowski thanks David & Shelly of Brownville for their recent purchase of this 2012 Kia Sportage!! Call 947.4559 to schedule a test drive!!

Trudy of Masardis was able to take home this beautiful 2015 Kia Forte with help of John Costello!! We appreciate that you chose Van Syckle Kia for your purchase! Be sure to congratulation Trudy when you see her around town!!

John Costello continues with the sale of this 2015 Kia Sportage to Kurt & Lori of Presque Isle. Congratulations to you both from the entire Van Syckle Kia team!! Stop by 729 Hogan Road today!!!

Kim & Jeannine of Bucksport were well represented by our Product Specialist Jeremy Everett during the recent acquisition of this dynamic Signal Red 2015 Kia Sportage! Many thanks to you both!

Mindy of Steuben took home this top notch 2016 Kia Sorento, with assistance for John Costello & Mike Kearns!! We truly appreciate the business that you bring to us! Call or stop in today!

Thank you to Peter & Vicki (pictured) of Bangor for choosing Van Syckle Kia and the 2015 Kia Soul! We appreciate the many years of business you have brought to us.

Matt of Hermon is seen here with his brand new Kia Optima SXL!! Jeremy Everett and the entire Van Syckle team thank you and know you will be thrilled with the performance of this automobile. Stop by today at 729 Hogan Rd!!

Jeff Mikowski wants to extend his thanks to Bud of Bangor for his acquisition of this 2016 Kia Sorento! If you haven't had a chance to check out this all new design, you will be impressed! Stop in today.   

The whole team at Van Syckle Kia thanks Sharol of Holden for taking home another of our 2016 Kia Sorento's! This vehicle is a huge hit with our customers Don't sign anything until you have tried this car!! Be sure to congratulate Sharol when you see her in her new SUV!! Call 947.4559 ext 131 for more opportunities.

Here is Betty of Bangor in her brand new 2015 Kia Forte! John Costello continues to deliver the best value to every customer, and hopes you will call him at 947.4559 ext 128 for your chance to get in to YOUR next vehicle!!

John Costello delivers again!! This 2015 Kia Soul was taken home by Edgar and Xue of Carmel. We are certain that you will join the ranks of Kia Soul owners who are simply amazed at the ride and performance of this "Urban Utility Vehicle." Congratulations to you both!!

Kris Snyder gave his assistance to Charles of Bangor in choosing this beautiful Toyota Corolla! The whole team here thanks Charles for making us his choice for his recent vehicle purchase! Call Kris at 947.4559 ext 139.

Victoria from Howland with her husband and kids with their brand new 2016 Kia Sorento! Thanks to both of you from John Costello and the whole crew. Stop by 729 Hogan Road today!

Here's Trevor and his SECOND Kia Soul!! (We are glad he was not badly hurt in the loss of the last one.) Thank you Trevor From Chris Aquilina!

Jeremy Everett offers his appreciation to Travis & Sarah of Ellsworth on their acquisition of this beautiful 13 GMC Terrain. Call us at 947.4559 for more AWD opportunities!

Jeff Mikowski was successful in helping Emma track down this 2016 Kia Sorento, and what a great vehicle with it's all new look! Thank you so much sure to ask her how easy it was when you see her around Bangor!

Ann & Michael of Bradley are seen here with their Dodge Journey! It's a good thing, because the snow just won't stop falling!! Be sure to give Chris Aquilina a call at 947.4559 ext 141 for more great opportunities

Aryn of Lincoln and a newly acquired 2013 Kia Forte!! Kyle Leeman appreciates you choosing Van Syckle Kia, and allowing him to provide a great buying experience for you.

Jeff Mikowski can be reached at 947.4559 ext 122, to help you find a GREAT deal like this 2011 Kia Sportage acquired by Brandon of Sullivan!! The weather is "snow longer a problem" with this fuel efficient AWD vehicle. Come in and see us at 729 Hogan Rd

Talk about a throwback!! Check out the graphics on this 2015 Kia Soul! Our team enjoys dressing them up, and for those who were around then, you know the reference! John Costello and the Van Syckle team want to thank Danielle for choosing our store....please know that "its easier than you think!!"

Chris Aquilina offers his appreciation to that special assist from the Mom of Elizabeth Smith, seen here with her newly acquired 2011 Nissan Rogue. We know you will be thrilled with this great little vehicle. Chris has more ready to show, call him at 947.4559 ext 141.

Jessica from Lincoln was a great example of perserverance! She takes home this 2013 Kia Sorento, after working with us since LAST SUMMER!! Congratulations, and thank you Jessica. Now, where are you putting the first Harley Davidson Decal!!? Come on down to see Kris Snyder at 729 Hogan Road

Congratulations and thank you go out to Judy Campbell for bringing her business to Van Syckle Kia again by way of this 2015 Kia Soul. We all value and appreciate your loyalty to Kia and the Van Syckle team.

That smile on Skyler from Rockwood is no act, not since she was able to take home this 2015 *BLACK *Kia Sportage AWD.....(you had to be there) Seriously, rarely has the team had so much fun putting a customer behind the wheel as Skyler and Amy (mom). You two were awesome! See Kris Snyder at our Hogan Road store, or contact him through our "Meet the staff" link at

Zach & Chelsea of Bucksport and their 2011 Kia Sorento! We have to say that we truly appreciate your dedication to this process that has been months in the making with a great outcome! If you see them around the county, ask them who the representative was! (John Costello, for the record.) Stop in or call today!

Ashley & Alex of Dover Foxcroft followed her mothers lead in taking home a brand new 2016 Kia Sorento!! Wow!! Jeremy Everett and the entire team offer their appreciation for your business! Give them a shout when you see them around town! Call 947.4559 ext 136 to see what offers Jeremy has for YOU...

Cyndi of Columbia falls had a good eye in moving from her 06 Sorento to this brand new 2015! We know that Columbia Falls has had a lot of snow, and this AWD beauty is THE solution to getting where you need to go, with it's rear differential lock!. Thank you Cyndi form Don, Jeremy and the Van Syckle Kia Team.

Heather is a believer in "best cars, best prices!" Seen here with her newly acquired Toyota Matrix, we know the smile says it all! Mo Elfaham put in the extra effort to make this happen. Thank Heather from Mo, and the entire team. Remember folks, "its easier than think!" Call Mo at 947.4559 or stop in at 729 Hogan Road in Bangor!

Kris Snyder loves helping customers find that "just right" fit. Seen here with Linda & Malcolm with their brand new Kia Soul, Kris wants all of you to congratulate them for taking advantage of the exceptional value and greatest warranty in the business. Call Kris at 947.4559 ext 139 for a test drive.

Snow??? What snow??? If you are having trouble getting around in Skowhegan, ask Lucas how easy it was to move in to this beautiful Quad Cab Toyota Tacoma! This truck is a BEAST! Chris Aquilina is as laid back as they come, and loves to show off our great products. Give him a call at 947.4559 ext 141

Do you know what makes the MOST sense? Well, ask Rachelle of Hermon when you see her in town with her 2015 Kia Sorento! The weather outside might be frightful....but Kia's are delightful! Give Chris Aquilina a call to see why Van Syckle Kia is the #1 Selling Kia Dealer in ALL of Maine, New Hampshire & Vermont..

Thank you Darlene & Nolan of Milo for allowing Jeremy Everett to help put you in this Toyota Rav4!! All of us at Van Syckle Kia appreciate that you chose us. Stop in and see Jeremy for YOUR next vehicle!! 729 Hogan Road.

Thank you Erin from Veazie for taking home your new Kia Forte!! Great car, great price and great warranty Kris Snyder is available at 947.4559 ext 139 to answer all your questions!

Kris Snyder keeps them rolling as evidenced by this 2013 Kia Optima rolling in to the driveway of Jenny in Milford. Thank you so much for allowing us to earn your business, and stop by anytime!! Congratulations Jenny!!

Congratulations to Mike & Elaine of Penobscot in their acquisition of this Ford Escape! This is a great, gas sipping SUV, and we know you are going to LOVE the way it handles in Maine winters! Stop in 729 Hogan Rd, or call Jeremy Everett at 947.4559 ext 136 for more great deals.

A great car, a great couple!! Wendelin and Lukas, John Costello and the entire Van Syckle team give their thanks and appreciation for your purchase of this Chevy Equinox.....Call John at 947.4559 ext 128!!

Jerry & Julie of East Millinocket stopped their search early when they experienced the ride, handling and power of this 13 Kia Sorento! Test driving AWD on a snowy day makes ALL kinds of sense! It was our pleasure, (and they got to meet Don...who isn't a salesman, and doesn't play one on TV) to help you folks get in to a vehicle that really makes the most sense for you! If you see them around town, make sure to ask them about their experience with Van Syckle Kia!! Congratulations!

Wow!! Chris Aquilina was very glad to help Kenneth of Dover Foxcroft in the purchase of this BEAUTIFUL Kia Sportage!! We here you all get some snow up that way, and we know this is the solution. There are more where that came from, so give Chris Aquilina a call at 947.4559 ext 141

Product Specialist John Costello wants to give thanks to Kenneth of Milford for his purchase of this well appointed Kia Sorento!! All of us at Van Syckle Kia appreciate you working with us. If you see Kenneth around town, be sure to ask him how easy it is!!! Call John at 947.4559 ext. 128.

Lisa of Presque Isle is seen here with her recently acquired Suzuki SX4!! What an outstanding vehicle. Jeremy Everett and the whole Van Syckle team are pleased to have been allowed the opportunity to serve your automotive needs. Stop by our showroom and see what we can do for you!! 729 Hogan Road, Bangor! "Best Cars, Best Prices"

Thanks go out to Scott & Tammie of Ellsworth from John Costello & the entire team at Van Syckle Kia. We appreciate that you chose to take home this beautiful 2015 Sorento AWD. If you see Scott or Tammie around town, ask them how easy it can be....!!

John Costello wants to thank Helen of Orrington for taking home this beautiful Grand Caravan! The Van Syckle Kia Team appreciates you making us your choice Helen.....stop by 729 Hogan Road for MORE great opportunities!!

Kris Snyder is pleased to again provide a great opportunity for his father Eugene and Stepmother Kirstie. Eugene has become a true fan of Kia, and of the Van Syckle Kia way of putting it all together. All of us at the Van Syckle team express our appreciation and thanks for your repeat business. For other great opportunities call Kris at 947.4559 ext 139.

Thanks go out to Rebekah of Steuben (seen here with Connie & Leroy) from Jeff Mikowski for allowing him the opportunity to make this 15 Kia Forte a reality! We appreciate all the great customers from Downeast Maine, and ask that if you see Rebekah around town, congratulate her on her new car! Call or stop by and ask for Jeff....tell him Rebekah sent you!

GET THE HOSE!, MAN THE PUMP, KRIS SNYDER IS ON FIRE in January. Kris knows how to put in the extra effort working for his customers. Kris offers his heartfelt appreciation and thanks to Beverly and Robert of Bucksport for their "2 at a time" purchase of these beautiful 2015 Kia Forte's....."it's easier than you think!!" Best Cars, Best Prices.

Angus of Bangor is seen here with his newly acquired 13 Kia Rio!! A huge thank you from Jeremy Everett and congratulations from the entire Van Syckle Kia team. Jeremy is available to find that perfect right vehicle for you, so call him at 947.4559 ext 136

Jeremy Everett says thank you to Donald and Barbie of Bangor for choosing Van Syckle Kia and allowing him to earn the right to do business with them. The Van Syckle team thanks you and hopes to have you as a member of the Kia family for years to come.

A huge Van Syckle Kia thank you to Cynthia of Corinth from Product Specialist John Costello for allowing him to aid in the selection of this outstanding Kia Soul! We are certain you will LOVE the driving experience offered by this Urban Utility Vehicle. Call John today at 947.4559 ext 128 to set up a test drive. Remember, "its easier than you think."

John keeps himself busy with customers of all types, including Laurie Hall of Milbridge who was referred by another happy Van Syckle Kia customer! Laurie loves her 2015 Kia Sorento! Thank you from John and all of us here at Van Syckle Kia.....stop by 729 Hogan Road today!

Van Syckle Kia is honored to have the privilege of selling Roxanne of Orono ANOTHER vehicle, this low, low miles 2006 Kia Amanti. Roxanne has been a Van Syckle Kia customer for many years, and we offer our deepest appreciation for your loyalty.

If you see Larry and Marilyn in Ellsworth, congratulate them on their newly acquired Mitsubishi Outlander!! Van Syckle Kia appreciates the return business after almost TEN YEARS with your last vehicle purchased here. Kyle Leeman is available to put you into a great car, at a great price, just stop by 729 Hogan Road, or call 947.4559 ext 119.

Patricia, Jeff Mikowski said to make sure we offer a special thank you to you for your recent choice to work with our great team. This car is a great example of "More car, More value..." as evidenced by all the accolades Kia has earned. If you see Patricia around Otis or Ellsworth area, be sure to ask her how great Jeff Mikowski is to work with.

Kris Snyder loves the happy customer, and Peter of Kenduskeag is just that! What a fantastic value you have found in the 15 Kia Soul, we know you will love it! Call Kris today for inventory availability at 947.4559 ext 139.

Steve & Cindy of Eastport have made a great choice with the help of Jeff Mikowski in purchasing this brand new Kia Soul!! If you need a car that delivers great fuel economy, better pricepoint and best warranty in the business, this is the car!

"Build it, and they will come..." Well, that is certainly true of the outstanding vehicle that was chosen by Brenda & Gary of Exeter in their newly acquired Kia Optima. Kyle is enjoying being a part of the process to help such great people find the right vehicle. Kyle has many more opportunities, and will gladly set aside some time if you call him at 947.4559 ext 119.

Paula of Levant is going to love this AWD Kia Sorento when the snow fairy comes whipping through Levant!! This vehicle has a great list of standard features, and gets great fuel economy to boot! Jeff Mikowski and all of us at Van Syckle Kia appreciate your choosing us to fulfill your automotive needs.

Kris Snyder is pleased to present Chantell and her brand new 2015 Kia Optima! Many thanks and a huge congratulations go to Chantell from the entire Van Syckle Kia Team! Please give Kris a call at 947.4559 ext 139, and let him show you how easy it can be! Best Cars, Best Prices!!

Wow!! This is Melvin & Hazel of Milbridge who were able to take GREAT advantage of the 2015 Kia Soul deal offered by John Costello and the team here at Van Syckle Kia. Give them a nod when you see them cruising downeast, and don't hesitate to reach out to John at 947.4559 ext 128 to see...."it's easier than you think."

Welcome to Van Syckle Kia serving the greater Bangor, ME area.

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Our goal is to make your car buying experience the best possible. Van Syckle Kia's virtual dealership offers a wide variety of new and used cars,
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Because our customers are so important to us, we'll also take the time to find you some great financing options if you need them. At some point in our lives we all need a little financial boost, and at Van Syckle Kia we do our best to find a reasonable loan that enables you to purchase the car you've always dreamed of.

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